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252.47k bibliographic items now indexed among sources: rfcs, ids, rfcsubseries, misc, w3c, 3gpp, ieee, iana, nist

Search help

Quick search will redirect to an item with a document ID as provided, if possible; otherwise, search methods will be tried.

  • docid substring (docid_regex in API): bibliographic items that include given substring within any document identifier will match. Example:
  • websearch query will be applied across values of all bibliographic item fields; some search operators are supported:
    +nist "metropolitan area" -"wind damage"
  • JSON path (json_path in API) query will be applied such that $ is bibliographic item root:
    $.series != null && $.docid[*].type != "W3C" && $.series[*].title.content != "NIST"
  • JSON containment (json_struct in API) query must be a valid JSON structure, and items containing this structure will match:
    {"series": [{"title": {"content": "RFC"}}]}