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title.content Physical layer items not for inclusion in Release 99
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fetched Sept. 21, 2022
biblionote.content 2003-11-28: WG Chairman intends that this be brought under change control at RP-22.
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biblionote#2.content RP-030645
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contributor.role#2.type publisher 3rd Generation Partnership Project c/o ETSI 650, route des Lucioles 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre Sophia Antipolis Cedex France 06921
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contributor#2.role.type author BAKER, Matthew Latn en Alcatel-Lucent
place Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France
id 3GPPTR25.833-R99/2.0.0
radiotechnology 3G RP
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release.version2g 8
release.version3g 3
release.project_end 1999-12-17
release.wpm_code_2g GSM_Release_99
release.wpm_code_3g 3G_R1999
release.close_meeting SP-40
release.project_start 1999-01-01
release.freeze_meeting SP-06
release.freeze_stage1_meeting SP-06
release.freeze_stage2_meeting SP-06
release.freeze_stage3_meeting SP-06