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abstract.content <p>This document introduces the capabilities of the DHCPv4 Relay Agent Information Option in RFC 3046 and the corresponding RADIUS- Attributes Sub-option to DHCPv6. In particular, the document describes a new DHCPv6 option called the Relay Agent Information option which extends the set of DHCPv6 options as defined in RFC 3315 and 3376. Following its DHCPv4 counterpart as defined in RFC 3046, the new option is inserted by the DHCPv6 relay agent when forwarding client-originated DHCPv6 packets to a DHCPv6 server. Servers recognizing the Relay Agent Information option may use the information to implement IP address or other parameter assignment policies. The DHCP Server echoes the option back verbatim to the relay agent in server-to-client replies, and the relay agent strips the option before forwarding the reply to the client. The Relay Agent Information option is organized as a single DHCPv6 option that contains one or more "sub-options" that convey information known by the relay agent. A RADIUS Attributes Sub-option, following its DHCPv4 counterpart, is also defined.</p>
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