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title.content OSPFv2 Extensions for BIER-TE
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abstract.content <p>BIER-TE: Traffic Engineering for Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) is a variant of BIER [RFC8279] to support explicit path engineering. BIER-TE defines a (loose) source routed multicast forwarding method where every hop and destination in the TE path is identified via bits in the bitstring of the BIER header in the data packets. BIER-TE forwarding architecture is described in [I-D.draft- ietf-bier-te-arch]. Control framework for Traffic Engineering with BIER-TE forwarding plane is explained in [I-D.draft-eckert-teas-bier- te-framework]. This document describes the OSPF [RFC2328] protocol extension required for BIER-TE control framework with MPLS encapsulation [RFC8296]. Support for other encapsulation types is outside the scope of this document. The use of multiple encapsulation types is outside the scope of this document.</p>
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