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title.content IEEE Recommended Practice for Precision Coaxial Connectors at RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Frequencies--Part 2: Test Procedures
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abstract.content The IEEE 287 series of documents presents the combined efforts of IEEE 287 Working Group that reflect the knowledge and experience of leading specialists in the development and measurement of precision coaxial connectors for RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave frequencies. It presents minimum performance requirements to standardize both hermaphroditic and pin-and socket- type connectors (IEEE Std 287.1). It provides a recommended practice for electrical and mechanical test procedures for Instrument Grade and Metrology Grade precision connectors (IEEE Std 287.2, this document). Recommended reference procedures including connector effects, connector care and cleaning, connector repeatability and reproducibility test procedures, and a color code for connectors are detailed in the third part of the standard (IEEE Std 287.3). The bibliography provides a list of pertinent references for measurement techniques used in determining electrical, mechanical, and dimensional parameters for coaxial connectors
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