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title.content IEEE Guide for the Application of Capacitive Current Switching for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Above 1000 V
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abstract.content Guidance for the application of ac high-voltage circuit breakers switching capacitive currents is provided. The general theory of capacitive current switching and the notions of restrike, reignition, and nonsustained disruptive discharge (NSDD) are addressed in the application guide. Voltage factors used for single-phase testing as a substitute for three-phase testing are explained. The application of circuit breakers for different network conditions and different capacitive loads (capacitor banks, cables, transmission lines, and filter banks) is discussed.
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keyword#2 capacitive current switching
keyword#3 high-voltage circuit breakers
keyword#4 IEEE C37.012
keyword#5 inrush current
keyword#6 nonsustained disruptive discharge
keyword#7 NSDD
keyword#8 overvoltages
keyword#9 reignition
keyword#10 restrike
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