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title.content IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers
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title#2.content IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers - Redline
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abstract.content Electrical and mechanical requirements for liquid-immersed distribution and power transformers, and autotransformers and regulating transformers; single-phase and polyphase, with voltages of 601 V or higher in the highest voltage winding, are set forth. This standard is a basis for the establishment of performance, and limited electrical and mechanical interchangeability requirements of equipment are described; it is also a basis for assistance in the proper selection of such equipment. The requirements in this standard apply to all liquid-immersed distribution, power, and regulating transformers except the following: instrument transformers, step voltage and induction voltage regulators, arc furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, specialty transformers, grounding transformers, mobile transformers, and mine transformers.
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keyword#13 regulating transformers
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