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docnumber IEEE P11073.10700/D-7-2022-09
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date.value 2022
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date#2.value 2022-09-16
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date#3.value 2022
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title.content IEEE Draft Standard - Health Informatics -- Device Interoperability -- Part 10700: Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication -- Standard for Base Requirements for Participants in a Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) System
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abstract.content MEDICAL DEVICEs that offer a communication interface as specified by the IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) standards can be integrated into a HEALTH IT SYSTEM to jointly execute SYSTEM FUNCTIONs. However, implementing the IEEE 11073 SDC communication protocol is not sufficient to demonstrate safety, effectiveness, and security of SYSTEM FUNCTIONs resulting from the combination of SYSTEM FUNCTION CONTRIBUTIONs from two or more MEDICAL DEVICEs. SDC PARTICIPANT KEY PURPOSEs (PKPs) are sets of requirements that support MANUFACTURERs in making valid assumptions about BICEPS PARTICIPANTs from other MANUFACTURERs. This common understanding allows for the MANUFACTURERs to perform RISK MANAGEMENT, verification, and USABILITY ENGINEERING for the safe use of SYSTEM FUNCTIONs. This standard specifies requirements for the allocation of responsibilities to SDC BASE PARTICIPANTs.
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keyword IEEE Standards
keyword#2 Bioinformatics
keyword#3 Informatics
keyword#4 Point of care
keyword#5 Protocols
keyword#6 Clinical diagnosis
keyword#7 Medical devices
keyword#8 Safety
keyword#9 Interoperability
keyword#10 Risk assessment
keyword#11 Service-oriented architecture
keyword#12 IEEE 11073-10700
keyword#13 point-of-care medical device communication
keyword#14 service-oriented device connectivity
keyword#15 SDC
keyword#16 dynamic medical device interoperability
keyword#17 participant key purpose
keyword#18 safety
keyword#19 effectiveness
keyword#20 and security
keyword#21 system function
keyword#22 system function contribution
keyword#23 BICEPS
keyword#24 communication protocol specification
keyword#25 integrated clinical environment
keyword#26 documentation and process responsibilities
keyword#27 risk management
keyword#28 usability engineering
id IEEEP11073.10700/D-7-2022-09
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editorialgroup.committee IEEE 11073 Standards Committee of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society