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There are validation errors: str type expected, str type expected, copyright.owner.abbreviation: str type expected, copyright.from: value is not a valid integer, copyright.owner: field required IEEE P2735/D-4.2-2022-08
docid.type IEEE
docid.primary True IEEE P2735™/D-4.2-2022-08
docid#2.type IEEE
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docid#2.primary True 978-1-5044-8981-2
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docnumber IEEE P2735/D-4.2-2022-08
language en
type standard
script Latn
date.type created
date.value 2022
date#2.type published
date#2.value 2022-09-14
date#3.type issued
date#3.value 2022
title.type main
title.format text/plain
title.content IEEE Draft Standard for Interoperability of Complex Virtual Instruments for Internet of Things
abstract.format text/plain
abstract.script Latn
abstract.content The standard gives a framework for IoT application systems, defines a complex virtual instrumentation model, and agrees on a framework and interfaces to achieve interoperability of IoT applications, while specifying the communication methods, invocation parameters and return value formats of the interfaces.
abstract.language en
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revdate 2022-09-14
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contributor.organization.url Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers New York USA
contributor.organization.abbreviation IEEE
keyword IEEE Standards
keyword#2 Interoperability
keyword#3 Instruments
keyword#4 Virtual environments
keyword#5 Internet of Things
keyword#6 Internet of Things
keyword#7 complex virtual instrumentation
keyword#8 interoperability
id IEEEP2735/D-4.2-2022-08
docstatus.stage.value Active
editorialgroup.committee TC9 - Sensor Technology of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society