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docid.type ISO
docid.primary True ISO.27729.2012
docid#2.type ISO
docid#2.scope anchor
docnumber 27729.2012
language en
type standard
doctype rfc
script Latn
date.value March 9, 2012
date.type published
title.content Information and documentation - International standard name identifier (ISNI)
title.format text/plain
title.script Latn
title.language en
revdate March 9, 2012
contributor.role.type author Technical Committee ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation, Subcommittee SC 9, Identification and description.
contributor.organization.abbreviation.content ISO/TC46
series.title.content ISO
series.title.format text/plain
series.title.script Latn
series.title.language en
series.number Draft Standard 27729
series.type main
id ISO27729.2012
schema-version v1.2.1