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docid.primary True 10.17487/RFC9201
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docnumber RFC9201
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type standard
script Latn
date.value August 2022
date.type published
title.content Additional OAuth Parameters for Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments (ACE)
title.format text/plain
title.type main
abstract.content <p>This specification defines new parameters and encodings for the OAuth 2.0 token and introspection endpoints when used with the framework for Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments (ACE). These are used to express the proof-of-possession (PoP) key the client wishes to use, the PoP key that the authorization server has selected, and the PoP key the resource server uses to authenticate to the client.</p>
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revdate August 2022
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series.title.content RFC
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series.number 9201
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keyword CoAP
keyword#2 OAuth 2.0
keyword#3 Access Control
keyword#4 Authorization
keyword#5 Internet of Things
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