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docid.type IETF
docid.primary True 10.17487/RFC9253
docid#2.type DOI
docnumber RFC9253
language en
type standard
script Latn
date.value August 2022
date.type published
relation.type updates
relation.bibitem.formattedref.content RFC5545
relation.bibitem.formattedref.format text/plain RFC5545
relation.bibitem.docid.type IETF
relation.bibitem.docid.primary True RFC5545
title.content Support for iCalendar Relationships
title.format text/plain
title.type main
abstract.content <p>This specification updates the iCalendar RELATED-TO property defined in RFC 5545 by adding new relation types and introduces new iCalendar properties (LINK, CONCEPT, and REFID) to allow better linking and grouping of iCalendar components and related data.</p>
abstract.format text/html
abstract.script Latn
abstract.language en
revdate August 2022
contributor.role author M. Douglass Latn en M. Douglass Latn en
series.title.content RFC
series.title.format text/plain
series.number 9253
series.type main
keyword iCalendar
keyword#2 link
keyword#3 related-to
keyword#4 relationships calext
id RFC9253