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docid.type IETF
docid.primary True 10.17487/RFC9289
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docnumber RFC9289
language en
type standard
script Latn
date.value September 2022
date.type published
relation.type updates
relation.bibitem.formattedref.content RFC5531
relation.bibitem.formattedref.format text/plain RFC5531
relation.bibitem.docid.type IETF
relation.bibitem.docid.primary True RFC5531
title.content Towards Remote Procedure Call Encryption by Default
title.format text/plain
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abstract.content <p>This document describes a mechanism that, through the use of opportunistic Transport Layer Security (TLS), enables encryption of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) transactions while they are in transit. The proposed mechanism interoperates with Open Network Computing (ONC) RPC implementations that do not support it. This document updates RFC 5531.</p>
abstract.format text/html
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abstract.language en
revdate September 2022
contributor.role author T. Myklebust Latn en T. Myklebust Latn en
contributor#2.role editor C. Lever Latn en C. Lever Latn en
series.title.content RFC
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series.number 9289
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keyword network file system
keyword#2 remote procedure call
keyword#3 transport layer security
keyword#4 X.509 nfsv4
id RFC9289