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date.value October 2022
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title.content Pros and Cons of IPv6 Transition Technologies for IPv4-as-a-Service (IPv4aaS)
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abstract.content <p>Several IPv6 transition technologies have been developed to provide customers with IPv4-as-a-Service (IPv4aaS) for ISPs with an IPv6-only access and/or core network. These technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on existing topology, skills, strategy, and other preferences, one of these technologies may be the most appropriate solution for a network operator.</p><p>This document examines the five most prominent IPv4aaS technologies and considers a number of different aspects to provide network operators with an easy-to-use reference to assist in selecting the technology that best suits their needs.</p>
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keyword IPv6
keyword#2 Transition Technologies
keyword#3 Comparison
keyword#4 IPv4aaS
keyword#5 IPv6-only
keyword#6 464XLAT
keyword#7 DNS64
keyword#8 Dual Stack Lite
keyword#9 Lightweight 4over6
keyword#10 MAP-E
keyword#11 MAP-T v6ops
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