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date.value January 2023
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title.content Remote ATtestation procedureS (RATS) Architecture
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abstract.content <p>In network protocol exchanges, it is often useful for one end of a communication to know whether the other end is in an intended operating state. This document provides an architectural overview of the entities involved that make such tests possible through the process of generating, conveying, and evaluating evidentiary Claims. It provides a model that is neutral toward processor architectures, the content of Claims, and protocols.</p>
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keyword evidence
keyword#2 attestation results
keyword#3 epoch
keyword#4 epoch-id
keyword#5 endorsement
keyword#6 attestating environment
keyword#7 reference value
keyword#8 target environment
keyword#9 layered attestation
keyword#10 appraisal policy
keyword#11 background check model
keyword#12 passport model
keyword#13 freshness
keyword#14 recentness
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