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date.value December 2022
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title.content IPv6 Application of the Alternate-Marking Method
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abstract.content <p>This document describes how the Alternate-Marking Method can be used as a passive performance measurement tool in an IPv6 domain. It defines an Extension Header Option to encode Alternate-Marking information in both the Hop-by-Hop Options Header and Destination Options Header.</p>
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revdate December 2022
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keyword#4 Destination
keyword#5 Hop-By-Hop
keyword#6 Performance
keyword#7 Measurement
keyword#8 Monitoring
keyword#9 Passive
keyword#10 Hybrid
keyword#11 Loss
keyword#12 Delay
keyword#13 Delay Variation
keyword#14 Multipoint
keyword#15 Cluster
keyword#16 Closed-Loop
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